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Learn more about the Pregnancy Test

Usually a pregnancy test is done by checking your urine. A sensitive pregnancy test, like a home test, is usually positive by the time of your first missed period if you are pregnant. Home tests are very accurate when done properly. You can also get a test, often for free, at most abortion clinics, Planned Parenthoods, and Family Planning Clinics. Places with names like Birthright, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Carenet, All Womens Help Centers, etc. may have a position against abortion and not talk about all your options. Ask if they refer for abortion before you go.

A Pregnancy test can also be done using a blood sample. These tests, often ordered by your doctor are very accurate. A quantitative pregnancy test measures the amount of pregnancy hormone in the blood and gives a result that is a number. This test, when repeated over time, can be helpful in diagnosing an ectopic or tubal pregnancy, or sometimes a miscarriage, or spontaneous abortion. However, a quantitative test is not ideal for figuring how far along the pregnancy is; an ultrasound (sonogram) is the best measureŠof the length of a pregnancy.

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