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Abortion is a complex issue. Acquiring accurate abortion information is not always easy, especially on the Internet. You have a 7 in 10 chance of finding misleading or inaccurate information from one of the many anti-abortion websites. is our answer to biased information in cyberspace. is a web ring of accurate health information sites and pro-choice websites of all kinds. The web ring also contains valuable information on how to evaluate the accuracy of information on the Web (see

People for and against abortion have strong feelings about this issue that may be confusing if you are trying to make a decision about a pregnancy. We believe that ultimately the woman herself, with the help of those closest to her, can best judge whether she is ready to have a child. Even people with strong anti-abortion feelings find that the decision is much more complex when they or someone they love is pregnant at the wrong time. We know that women make moral decisions that are good for themselves and for their family, including a potential child. For sites and organizations that support you in making the best possible choice for you, go to any of the following sites:

Pregnancy Options

Choice Linkup

Abortion Conversation Project

Religious Coalition for Reprodutive Choice

Catholics for a Free Choice

For more resources, go to

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