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Birth Control Patch -Ortho Evra™
The Abortion Clinic Directory

What is it?
Ortho Evra™, the birth control patch is a different way of getting the same hormones as the birth control pill in your body to prevent pregnancy. It consists of an adhesive patch that you change once a week for three weeks and then you have a week without a patch when you get your period.

How does it work?
When taken regularly, the patch releases hormones that control the growth and release of eggs from your ovaries. It also alters the lining of your uterus making it more difficult for sperm to fertilize an egg.

How effective is the Patch?
If you use it correctly, it is 97-99% effective in preventing pregnancy. If the patch comes off or is not completely stuck to your skin, it may no longer be effective and you should use alternative birth control methods. You can get a prescription for an extra patch if it comes off before the end of the week. Ortho Evra™ does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

Advantages of the Patch
· Highly effective
· Convenient
· May improve acne, like certain pills
· Helps to regulate your menstrual cycle
· May help make your periods shorter with less cramping
· May help prevent ovarian and endometrial cancer

Disadvantages of the Patch
· Must be changed every week on the same day and checked to see that it is sticking properly
· Can be expensive without medical drug coverage
· May cause nausea, vomiting or irregular bleeding
· May increase appetite
· May experience mood and weight changes
· No protection against STD’s

How can I get the Patch?
If you choose to use the patch as a form of contraception, you need to have a prescription from a health care provider. Most abortion providers in our directory can offer you a free starter sample and prescription.

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