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About Whole Woman's Health-Baltimore
Whole Woman's Health is an abortion provider that offers full-range services for women. In addition to our specialization in abortion, we offer gynecological services, counseling, and general wellness resources. We are proud to provide safe, compassionate abortion services for women; we see abortion provision as an important component of holistic care for women. It is our mission to welcome and treat the whole woman -- her head, her heart and her body. We provide education, counseling, informed consent, medical care, and trust. We honor women's hopes, dreams and intentions in all of the care that we provide. We trust women. We offer as many options as possible to you for your abortion procedure: - First Trimester Abortion, including an early surgical option - Medical Abortion ("the Abortion Pill") - Second Trimester Abortion in one day or with laminaria -Sedation options for comfort When you call our office, our staff will gather your information and give you an estimate of the cost of abortion services, as well as provide you with information on your options. All your information throughout your time as our patient will be kept strictly confidential.
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