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About Abortion & Contraception Clinic of Nebraska
The ABORTION & CONTRACEPTION CLINIC OF NEBRASKA, or ACCON, as it is locally known, was founded May 1, 1992 by LeRoy and Mary Lou Carhart of the Bellevue Health and Emergency Clinic, Inc., to provide a complete source of reproductive health care, to include first, second and indicated trimester abortions. Visit us at:
In Nebraska we can go up to 21 weeks 6 days. Our address 1002 W. Mission Ave., Bellevue, NE 68005. In Maryland we can go electively to 26 weeks and further if their are fetal or maternal indications. Our MD address is 13233 Exective Park Terrace, Germantown, MD 20874 Visit us at:
M-F 8am to 6 pm Sat 8am to 3 pm
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