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About Allegheny Reproductive Health Center
If you don't know where to turn, we can help. Allegheny Reproductive Health Center was established in 1975 to provide quality health care in a warm, supportive atmosphere. Our services include both abortion and the abortion pill, Morning After Treatment, contraceptive care, free pregnancy testing, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and routine gynecological exams. We also offer confidential counseling by a friendly, non-judgmental staff to help women and men handle their decisions and feelings on all aspects of reproductive health. We were among the first providers in the US to recognize that abortion can affect men as well as women and therefore welcome women to bring their partner into counseling and/or the abortion procedure should they choose. Allegheny Reproductive is a private health center approved by the Pennsylvania State Department of Health. Over 4,000 women and men visit our Center yearly for medical services, counseling and education. Patients from the tri-state area are referred to us by physicians, clinics, schools, hospitals, and friends. Our staff consists of licensed board certified gynecologists, nurses and nurse practitioners, technicians and counselors. Our phone counselors are on hand daily to answer questions on birth control, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, or to make a referral for other services. We at ARHC are committed to offering excellent health care with emphasis on each individual's particular needs and life style. All services are provided at an affordable cost with dignity and confidentiality. 800-221-3988
Allegheny Reproductive Health Center 5910 Kirkwood Street Pittsburgh, PA 15206 800-221-3988 412-661-8811 Please e-mail us with any questions or comments at:
We are open Monday-Saturday from 9-5. Appointments for abortion are usually on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. In addition, we offer the private patient abortion other days at a higher fee. And priority or no waiting appointments, also at a higher fee, for those whose schedules do not permit waiting.
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