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Abortion is still legal in all states in the United States, in spite of current laws attempting to restrict abortion.

Please call (800) 804-8868 for an Abortion Care facility near you.

The Abortion Clinic Directory is a project of the Abortion Care Network. In this site you will find US abortion clinics plus accurate information about abortion methods, including surgical abortion and medication abortion, otherwise known as Mifepristone (non-surgical abortion, RU-486, The Abortion Pill).

To find an abortion clinic, you may either search the site by choosing a city or state or by choosing a Special Abortion Service that is important to you. Types of procedures, anesthesia options, prices, and other services offered vary from clinic to clinic. Please call the abortion clinic directly to learn more about their medical services.

This directory provides information about each clinic listed, but you must determine which clinic is best for you (see Choosing A Quality Abortion Provider). This or any other directory cannot guarantee what your experience will be like at a given abortion clinic. You can be assured, however, that this site presents accurate and useful information on the complex issues relating to abortion.

The Abortion Clinic Directory is brought to you by the Abortion Care Network (ACN) , a non-profit organization that brings independent abortion providers and allies together. We respect women and girls who make important life choices regarding their pregnancies. ACN works to help people challenge the stigma surrounding abortion. Patients and those in their support systems are able to access resources, in English and Spanish, such as, and Healthy Coping After an Abortion, and You Are a Good Woman.

Independent abortion providers can purchase annual subscriptions to be listed on this directory. For more information on subscribing to this directory, please contact us at 202-419-1444.

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Please Call (800) 804-8868
For Immediate Abortion Information in a safe and private manner.

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